Friday, December 12, 2008

arhg, im a kraken from the sea!

yes, i am THAT unoriginal to be quoting Juno.

anyways, i am so happy, i just got three new magazines, (i-d, w, and let them eat cake) and two new books (vice, do's and don'ts of street fashion, and some weird book that was on sale about how you brain works, i am sucker for sales and anything about brains) and i spent almost all of my gift card, which is kinda sad and pathetic.i know.

i am gonna try to post pictures, i did a photo shoot with my little sis, like two weeks ago, and it is beyond rad, however, we don't have Internet, so i have to prance over to the college library (and i got banned from wearing dresses there, because i would go in there in ball gowns and my sanity was questioned, so my dad banded anything with tulle, silk, and or anything that had copious amounts of glitter, it sucks)

i have been getting guitar lessons by this extreme hot dude (i swear, he is chad Michel Murray, in metal-head form, so perfect) he is in a band, and he is funny and he is the great at french (i told him i had to got too french after guitar lessons, and he said in perfect french "is there a chicken in you pants, non?!?" it was so funny, ahhh, sigh) i am swayed by his myriad amounts of coolness.

anyways, today's outfit:
navy blue shift dress: old navy
blue aqua tights: target
blue brocade vintage jacket: given to me.
cream knit beanie: grandmother knitted it for me.
crystal bracelet: tom binns, (thrifted)
piles of friendship bracelets: friends
Dino, butterfly, Saturn, and lighting bolt hand stamps: from the museum of science (we went there today, and i tried to stick me face in the automatic tinny machine but it was an epic fail.)
purple tweed flats: thrift store

love you all,

p.w. (post weirdness)
check my crushes cool metal band out at myspace music, the band name is the grass grows greener!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

random crap..

questions i have asked myself within the hour:

which is worse:
being hit on by a 50-year old, who asks if you can legally have sex with him?
seeing him hit on you 13-year old brother?

what is the sound of dark?

why don't people shave their arms?

umm, thats all i remmeber.

hannah is.. obssed with facebook!

facebook has gobbled up any life i previously owned.
of course, all of my face book friends are ones i have know at least 2 months and talk to at least once a week, for 30 minutes. where as some people friend people they don't even know, this bugs me.

off that subject, i feel sucky for not posting in awhile, i have been travailing like mad, and when not travailing, getting ready to travel.

i got a new camera, well, it is an old one, from 2001. but it works, the only problem is that i can't find a usb cord that matches. as per usual, something goes wrong, it always does.

this isn't a very good post at all. and im sorry, but not gonna make an excuse (i have like ten minutes to do this, so i can't think of a good one)

ahh, dads here and im in trouble!!!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

yum, yum, i cookie monsta

ok so im exasted, and i write best when not thinking, and im a bit spaced out too. so this one is going to be a winner. i went to a sleepover last night, and like there were ten girls all bawling there eyes out for"Walk To Remeber" and me like in th middle gigling 'cause of the chessy-ness of it all. i should of been a boy, i swear. i like toy cars and batman and all manners of 8-year old boyhood. and here i am watching a really touching movie, laughing, and wondering he history of coat hangers, and hoping the terminator would come in and kick there sorry asses, then whilst eating brownies i thought "Why don't they have a rating and/or type scale for brownies?" i mean Douglas Adams did it with rain in one of his books, why not me, and brownies? so what the hell.
here it is.

type color how to get them that way
goo-ey coco take them out early
hard compacted dirt let your 3 year old cousins cook them
crumble-ly dirt put too much dry stuff in
"special" dirt put ingredients in other than normal stuff *wink, wink*

it is kinda dumb, but it was fun.

it messed up a bit.

love, beth

p.s. promise awsome photo shoot soon

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

opps, i fell into a vat of toxic waste...ah, well

well, maine was lovly, went to a few concerts, a few partys, got married (to my bestie of 8 years and i took the leap and popped the question, lol) saw someone get married, stayed up till three and got up at seven, hmmm, loved it...

i have no real world shaking thoughts, or even funny comments at this momment, i just want to type, as you all know.

i wish my camara didn't drown in the cape cod, i loved taking pictures and having my friends pissed off when i didn't put the thing down... i had a funeral for it. Mostly cause i was bored.

white strapless corset dress that poofs, a coffee colored scoop neck-tee, and purple tweed flats, a golden necklace from the 40's displaying a real butterfly..


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my mind is so blank, and i feel like a tank

bloody nurses partying.... fun....left to right, sexy lady in a sexy outfit, and a mishmash of a girl, groovy.
girl in gown crossing a busy suburban road.. sounds all too familiar...
djs, well dj-ing

damn, (pardon my french) i just wrote a really funny and cool post but then it somehow got deleted, i guess it was suicidal (so many are theses days, i legit knew someone who was in 4th grade and was cutting himself, sad)

anyways off subject, I'm off to see the wizard, that is the wonderful wizard of oz, a.k.a. my step grandfather Darell (yippee, cowabunga, hurrah, moppa) do some gigs with him ( he is in like ten awesome bands, and he does sound for other awesome bands, and i go along, to like bars and crap, it is the best) go to a wedding, and see my beastie ( Rachel, who is the coolest chick in a pile of hicks) so I'm off to Maine tomorrow at 3;30 to avoid the infamous Boston traffic, and read tons of 80's comic books, and listen to 90's music very loudly, and discus the history s, and other weird topics, ahh, i love my family.

i miss my camera like hell, if i missed hell, that is.

hmmm, here is my "inspo" pictures of the day.

um, sexy robo-cop ridin' a unicorn.
better then chocolate?
maybe.fairy nymphs frolicking in vivid color.

oh, my outfit...

pimped out chucks, hidden by Burgundy ball gown, and gray and black stripped sweater, and braided hippie crown.



Saturday, October 25, 2008

advil, red bull, smoke, butterfly wings and strobe lights, theses are a few of my favorite things, lallalllallllallalllallal

partyed till the a.m., i try not to post every time i go to party's, (because, i got to alot) but this is an exception.
great d.j.'s and costumes and all of Friends were there, (except you guys.)
i don't have any cool thought or pondering's at the moment, but if i get one or three i will post it
here are some cool outfits:


Thursday, October 23, 2008

what a lovely way to die...

lots of pros and con's to staying home when told too.
1.)i get more work done, i know am almost completely Fluent in Latin, Greek and french.
2.)i dress better, because i don't have to compare my in a ballgown to them in sweats.
1.) i get my mum and da asking " what are you wearing and why?"
2.)i never see my friends, i don't think i even remember there favorite colors, much less there faces.

Find me on Polyvore

today's outfit.
gray ball gown, strapless, 50's-ish,with black flower embroidery on the sweetheart neckline, and one spurst of it on the hip, by banana republic
black simple tee
aqua knitted ski cap
black ballet flats.

listing to ;
lords of oi!
(it is a British mixtape CD of indie bands, with the clash-esque songs, banging, non ?!?)

typing in:
the collage library.

beth the not so best

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i had a dream and you were in it, and you too, aunt may!

every time i go too sleep, i dream, I'm not complaining, hey it burns more calories, but can't just once my brain turn off, i always have a million things going on in my pretty little head, i have too take Tylenol just thinking about thinking, and every time i dream, the story's i feel should be written down, they are amazing, i can't remember all of it when i wake up, and even then I'm too lazy too write down what is an entire movie script, but one thing i love about my dreams, and I'm not sure this happens to everyone, but when i dream, i dream of dresses and pillows and gadgets, that haven't been made or invented yet. i dream up (literally) dresses and skirts and shirts (not, shoes, it is hard to be original with shoes) if i was a fashion designer, i would sleep to my success. but not in the way most do. (you, know what i mean) although, i wouldn't want to be a fashion designer (long story).


today's outfit:
today is bum day, so an vintage tee shirt for the Reunion of the Beatles, blue puffy skirt, and my messenger bag, nerd glasses, flowered peep toe flats, black and gray stripped cardigan.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ok, so this is my new blog.
I'm so happy!
sorry, my writing knack has vanished for the next few minutes.
this blog is my fashion blog, and i have another humor/ranting blog with a crappy name, i am too embarrassed to even put it here, but here goes nothing...
whew, i typed it.
anyways here is my "inspo" collage-sort-of-thingy (i got it from all over the Internet)

last but not least:
my outfit of the day, seeing as my camera broke, and I've been using my friends once in awhile, i will just have too tell you.
black jeans, floral print peep toe flats, a black harry potter gryfindor house symbol teeshirt, Burgundy brocade swing jacket, army green messenger bag covered in pins, and a blue, Burgundy and yellow plaid headband hippie style, and my hair in a braid.
love peace and cute little woodland creatures,