Saturday, October 25, 2008

advil, red bull, smoke, butterfly wings and strobe lights, theses are a few of my favorite things, lallalllallllallalllallal

partyed till the a.m., i try not to post every time i go to party's, (because, i got to alot) but this is an exception.
great d.j.'s and costumes and all of Friends were there, (except you guys.)
i don't have any cool thought or pondering's at the moment, but if i get one or three i will post it
here are some cool outfits:


Thursday, October 23, 2008

what a lovely way to die...

lots of pros and con's to staying home when told too.
1.)i get more work done, i know am almost completely Fluent in Latin, Greek and french.
2.)i dress better, because i don't have to compare my in a ballgown to them in sweats.
1.) i get my mum and da asking " what are you wearing and why?"
2.)i never see my friends, i don't think i even remember there favorite colors, much less there faces.

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today's outfit.
gray ball gown, strapless, 50's-ish,with black flower embroidery on the sweetheart neckline, and one spurst of it on the hip, by banana republic
black simple tee
aqua knitted ski cap
black ballet flats.

listing to ;
lords of oi!
(it is a British mixtape CD of indie bands, with the clash-esque songs, banging, non ?!?)

typing in:
the collage library.

beth the not so best

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i had a dream and you were in it, and you too, aunt may!

every time i go too sleep, i dream, I'm not complaining, hey it burns more calories, but can't just once my brain turn off, i always have a million things going on in my pretty little head, i have too take Tylenol just thinking about thinking, and every time i dream, the story's i feel should be written down, they are amazing, i can't remember all of it when i wake up, and even then I'm too lazy too write down what is an entire movie script, but one thing i love about my dreams, and I'm not sure this happens to everyone, but when i dream, i dream of dresses and pillows and gadgets, that haven't been made or invented yet. i dream up (literally) dresses and skirts and shirts (not, shoes, it is hard to be original with shoes) if i was a fashion designer, i would sleep to my success. but not in the way most do. (you, know what i mean) although, i wouldn't want to be a fashion designer (long story).


today's outfit:
today is bum day, so an vintage tee shirt for the Reunion of the Beatles, blue puffy skirt, and my messenger bag, nerd glasses, flowered peep toe flats, black and gray stripped cardigan.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ok, so this is my new blog.
I'm so happy!
sorry, my writing knack has vanished for the next few minutes.
this blog is my fashion blog, and i have another humor/ranting blog with a crappy name, i am too embarrassed to even put it here, but here goes nothing...
whew, i typed it.
anyways here is my "inspo" collage-sort-of-thingy (i got it from all over the Internet)

last but not least:
my outfit of the day, seeing as my camera broke, and I've been using my friends once in awhile, i will just have too tell you.
black jeans, floral print peep toe flats, a black harry potter gryfindor house symbol teeshirt, Burgundy brocade swing jacket, army green messenger bag covered in pins, and a blue, Burgundy and yellow plaid headband hippie style, and my hair in a braid.
love peace and cute little woodland creatures,