Friday, December 12, 2008

arhg, im a kraken from the sea!

yes, i am THAT unoriginal to be quoting Juno.

anyways, i am so happy, i just got three new magazines, (i-d, w, and let them eat cake) and two new books (vice, do's and don'ts of street fashion, and some weird book that was on sale about how you brain works, i am sucker for sales and anything about brains) and i spent almost all of my gift card, which is kinda sad and pathetic.i know.

i am gonna try to post pictures, i did a photo shoot with my little sis, like two weeks ago, and it is beyond rad, however, we don't have Internet, so i have to prance over to the college library (and i got banned from wearing dresses there, because i would go in there in ball gowns and my sanity was questioned, so my dad banded anything with tulle, silk, and or anything that had copious amounts of glitter, it sucks)

i have been getting guitar lessons by this extreme hot dude (i swear, he is chad Michel Murray, in metal-head form, so perfect) he is in a band, and he is funny and he is the great at french (i told him i had to got too french after guitar lessons, and he said in perfect french "is there a chicken in you pants, non?!?" it was so funny, ahhh, sigh) i am swayed by his myriad amounts of coolness.

anyways, today's outfit:
navy blue shift dress: old navy
blue aqua tights: target
blue brocade vintage jacket: given to me.
cream knit beanie: grandmother knitted it for me.
crystal bracelet: tom binns, (thrifted)
piles of friendship bracelets: friends
Dino, butterfly, Saturn, and lighting bolt hand stamps: from the museum of science (we went there today, and i tried to stick me face in the automatic tinny machine but it was an epic fail.)
purple tweed flats: thrift store

love you all,

p.w. (post weirdness)
check my crushes cool metal band out at myspace music, the band name is the grass grows greener!


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

thank you for your comments on my blog, they were simply wonderful!! i cannot thank you enough!

Stompface said...

You are pretty much my hero for wearing ball gowns to the library.

You would get on great with this lady at my work, who wears her wedding dress to walk her dog. Because she figures she might as well get some use out of the thing. Hhaha. I'm fairly sure her sanity gets questioned then too.


Eira said...

I love the wearing ball gowns to the library-part! It sounds amazing!