Sunday, January 25, 2009


me, eva, nicole, maria, and anna.
dress: vintage nightgown
scarf: betsey johnson
leather bomber: gift
me and eva.

i love sleepovers. Where else can u pig out on junk food, jump up and down like an idiot, and wear fairy wings, without looking like an idiot?!? Nowhere, but sleepovers!
Me and nicole and anna played with barbie dolls until one-ish, then anna went to sleep, and me and nicole, figured out we went to the same camp same week, when we were little, and talked about aliens and god, and cobra starship, then we hear this chewing noise and we look over at anna, and she is sleep-chewing, it was the funniest thing ever!
we didn't go to sleep until almost 6 in the morning, when her mom woke up and told us to go to bed. Maria came in and woke us up, after that we walked around downtowna bit, hung out at nicoles parents store, then we went back, picked up eva, and went to the natick mall for about 7 hours. That is the sleepover simplified a billion times.
so srry, i havn't posted in awhile, i've been crazy busy with all sorts of stuff!
i will try to be better about blogging.
i just got back from church (i love church, i am greek orthadox, and it is all lovely chanting, and fancy dresses, ornate icons) so i am still in my church outfit.

today's outfit :
leather bomber: gift
graphic black dress with blue and white splashes all over: anne klien
black vest: vintage
black pumps: target

p.s. srry for the lack of coolness in this post, not that inspired at the moment.

tons of love,

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