Friday, January 30, 2009

ahh, i've been tagged. Does it hurt?

1.) i have a million different nicknames

2.) when i am on key in singing i hear a buzzing in my ears.

3.) i had to re-learn how to ride a bicycle every summer... for 6 years.

4.) my left pinky toe is noting but scar tissue, due to an ice pick, then i re-hurt it with a large door who wanted my toe more then i did.

5.) i prefer dresses to jeans any day, i am just more used to of them.

6.) i have three dark pink streaks in my hair. (yeah, manic panic!)

7.) i always wear at least 5 bracelets, or i feel weird.

8.) i play guitar, violin, and some ukulele.(my sister is learning it, and we all picked it up trying to explain it to her.)

9.) i suck at all sports, but running in heels.

10.) every good friend I've had plans to go to collage with me.

11.) i know English, some french, and even less Greek,and no i don't know Spanish.

12.) i can't swallow pills, but i can swallow whole gummy bears and m'and'ms.

13.) my biggest vice is sugar, and lots of it.

14.) i feel short, mostly because my neighbors, could be qualified as giants.

15.) i am writing a book that made three out of three people cry (and no not because of how bad it was.)

16.) i can swear in every well known language.

17.) i want to be a stand up comedian, or a stylist when i am older.. or a writer.

18.) my legs are permanently white from how scared up they are.

19.) i have never broken a bone.

20.) but... i have sprained both of my ankles.. three times.

21.) i almost drowned when i was seven.

22.) i draw on myself and others frequently.

23.) my dreams are the weirdest things ever, ask me about one sometime.

24.) i am named after my great-aunt, who lives in Arizona, and likes to sky dive and play golf.i want to be like her when i am older.

25.) when i am older, i am going to have poofy short pink hair, like as if i have cotton candy on top of my head.

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Miranda said...

wow number two is cool hahaha