Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i am so happy, first off, i have lost 15 pounds, second, i have been So busy!
i went off track for a bit with my blog, but now, it is nothing but fashion, and i will blog twice a week, and check others blogs, and post outfits.
and if i don't someone can "cyber bitch slap" me, swear.

i am also happy because of the barbie fashion new york week thingy, i had a dream about it like a week before it happened and i woke up and told my self that it wouldn't happen.
i don't care what u uppity fashion people say i like it.and yes, i know it is old news.
*blows raspberry*
altough my computer cant upload pictures right now, i can give u this:

winter gray
winter gray - by Holy Alien Goo, Batman! on Polyvore.com

my outfit of the day:
vintage Bennie
tom binns bracelet
target navy blue smock dress
vintage blue brocade dinner jacet
black tights
black heels
navy blue sunglasses with green racing stripes from target

thanx, my loves

xoxox(and one more o for good measure :)


Frock Around the Clock said...

That necklace is cute... and I'd like to try snowboarding but I can never tear myself away from the skiing. As for the boy situation, in my opinion it's loads more fun being single. My first boyfriend wasn't til I was 17 and I spent the entire time I was at school wondering why no one was really interested in me, but now I miss the single life! Just enjoy yourself and don't worry about silly boys :) x

Ra-Ra said...

lucky, i can't work poly vore
love ur blog and u, my dear!
love riah