Friday, March 6, 2009

hmm, this mango tango lollypop is like a party in my mouth

ugh, o.c. always makes me depressed, and under dressed. why can't look like them?i mean i have that much drama, but whatever.The lollypop makes me feel better.

i remember when i first came to Boston, i was so excited for malls, but now, i got to like the third largest mall in America like every week, and now i hate malls. Especially strip malls, they sound dirty look dirty and taste dirty (i liked the floor once on a dare, but that's another story)

today's outfit:
purple cords
piles of bracelets
my dads tan tee-shirt
and beautiful wavy hair
oh, and my Louis Vuitton

and this is kinda what it looks like:

outfit of the day 3/6/2009
outfit of the day 3/6/2009 - by Holy Alien Goo, Batman! on

love, beth


Sharlo said...

u haf a real louis?? :O

yiqin; said...

Mmhmm love the jeans!!